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Layered Artwork - Heart

Layered Artwork - Heart

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Experience the unique beauty of our Heart Layered Artwork. This magnificent piece showcases multiple intricate layers creating stunning heart design, with a heart-warming mahogany wood finish. It adds an exquisite touch to any room or as a heartfelt and stunning gift for your nearest and dearest.

Display on a wall or shelf and personalized with a quote "Within the chambers of the heart, echoes the timeless melody of love, harmonizing the symphony of life......The heart knows no distance; it beats to the rhythm of emotions, connecting souls in a symphony of love......".  Alternatively, a personalized quote of your own can be easily added.   If you prefer a different wood finish, please add a note to your order (other woods include Cherry, Walnut or Bubinga).

Dimensions: Small ~11.5x11", Large ~23"x22"

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